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We are the breeders of healthy top quality tropical aquarium fishes and Rare Exotic Freshwater fish species. We breed these fish in our breeding facilities, Besides of being one of the biggest exporter of these fish varieties. we are also the biggest producer of L46 (Zebra plecos) and other exotic rare species. We have been supplying these fishes all over the world. We also have some breeding collections of rare plecos in our facility.
We stand out among st other suppliers because we have a professional term that is dedicated in producing the most healthy fishes with unmatched quality. Our clients satisfaction is our priority and the customer is the king. We put our maximum efforts and experience to satisfy our clients and that is one of the reason why we are so close to perfection is the fact that we handle all these varieties but we maintain premium qualities .
We started our export division in 2007 to make our fish and other farm bred and wild fish closer to all fish lovers around the world. We have also joined major exhibitions to let the market know our existence.
Our motto is ” To thrive for the best so Everyone, Everywhere can Enjoy the Beauties of our fish. ” That is why we always seek new ways to improve our breeding, raising, and shipping techniques so our Customers can have the best products in the market at an early an convenient time.
I Hope You can enjoy your stay with us.

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The Awesome Fishery ltd comprises several varieties of freshwater in the genus Scleropages. Some sources differentiate these varieties into multiple species. Arowana (Arwana) is probably, the most expensive fresh water, ornamental fish in the World, the Indonesian Arowana is indeed a beauty to withhold. It is viewed as sort of reincarnation of the Dragon due to its Hugh, brightly colored scales and barbels at the tip of it�s mouth.

Indonesian arowanas are considered �lucky� by many people, especially by those from Asian cultures. This reputation derives from the species� resemblance to the Chinese dragon, considered an auspicious symbol. The large metallic scales and double barbels are features shared by the Chinese dragon, and the large pectoral fins are said to make the fish resemble �a dragon in full flight.

In addition, positive Feng Shui associations with water and the red arowana color and golden arowana make these fishes popular for aquariums. One belief is that while water is a place where chi gathers, it is naturally a source of yin energy and must contain an �auspicious� fish such as an arowana in order to have balancing yang energy.
We serve locally and internationally legally certain amount. ( See our term of sales ).
We are reputed for our ; Guaranteed live arrival, Stringent quality control, High Value and low freight rate, Fast and efficient services, Most importantly, honesty and sincerity. We make sure all fishes comes with their cites permit documents.


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